You can log in to the WebAgenda with your date of birth, zip code and house number (without additions!).

You can then choose the agenda of a doctor of your choice, the assistant or the POH-s (for astma, hypertension, diabetes, etc). For an appointment with the POH-ggz (psychologist) you can only call (050-7440360) or come to the desk because of the possibly long waiting time.

Please note: For an appointment with the doctors:

If you have only recently registered, it is possible that you are not yet found in the planning system. Also, if you don't have a dutch healthcare insurance, sometimes you cannot be found in the system. This is also the case if you have recently moved (use your old postcode and house number). Are you not able to make an appointment? Please call the practice to make an appointment, available daily between 08:00 and 20:00 via 050-7440360.